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    Helping you help stray and feral cats and kittens

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    Community Cats Charity

    Ventura County Area, California

    Who We Are & What We Do

    Every member of the Community Cats Charity volunteers so 100% of donations go toward helping the cats.

    We are a 501c3 nonprofit and operate mostly in Ventura County, California. All donations are tax deductible. Our team has more than 20 years combined experience trapping community cats. We loan out trapping equipment at no cost and mentor you to success. We are highly integrated with other cat related organizations in the county and we navigate your through the process to find low cost or free medical care or spay/neuter surgeries for community cats (sorry, pets are excluded). Our team also has an extensive knowledge at fostering cats and kittens and we can help you do the same. We can help connect you to available resources to help you be a successful foster and find forever homes for the cats and kittens. We are also here to help cat colony caregivers. We can teach proper cat colony management, care and provide food.


    Community cats and kittens struggle to survive in a world that seems to have forgotten them. Many of them were abandoned. Many of them were born into this way of life. Some have developed a feral style and avoid people, while others beg for food to survive. They constantly deal with disease, parasites, cancer, predators and traffic. The intact males fight for territory. Unspayed females are forced to have litter after litter of kittens. Less than half of these kittens survive past 6 months living in these harsh conditions, without help.


    Community cat is a cat with a certain lifestyle. These cats live outdoors without clear ownership. They include feral cats, stray cats and abandoned cats.

    Colony caregiver is anyone that gives continuous care, including food and fresh water, to a group, or colony, of community cats.

  • How It Works



    We teach the public about community cats and how to solve related issues.



    We loan out cat trapping equipment and navigate you through all the steps to get community cats fixed or

    medical attention at little to no cost for you.



    We depend on public donations to reach the goal of ending animal suffering. Please donate.



    We can connect you with local cat organizations where you can personally make a difference.

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    Ventura County, CA, USA
  • Be their hero

    Please contribute to support these efforts to make their lives better. Help keep tiny kittens off the streets. If donating in person please make checks out to "Community Cats Charity". Thank you!

  • Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) supplies are needed! TNR is the process of catching shy and elusive cats, taking them to a veterinarian to be fixed, allowing a recovery time, then returning to their original location. This process is a globally recognized method to conquer community cat overpopulation, reduce cat fighting and spraying, and allow female cats to live a healthy life.

    Thank you for donating!

    Trap-Neuter-Return supplies are needed! Please visit our Amazon Wishlist to donate needed TNR supplies.
  • Help feed a cat in need!

    Please visit our community cat food Wishlists and donate. We feed hundreds of homeless cats. We also support community kitten fosters. Thank you for donating!

  • Trap-Neuter-Return (TNR) is a globally recognized humane method to help stop community cat overpopulation and suffering.                                             This video provides a good introduction to TNR.

    The Community Cats Charity loans out TruCatch traps at no cost.  We will help mentor you through the entire process.  Your success is our success!

  • Very young kittens are better off with mother. In order to properly socialize, kittens that are starting to walk should be fostered then adopted. It is very important to get mother cat spayed as soon as possible after kittens are removed.

    Please help us stop the cycle and her suffering.

  • Fostering kittens is a very rewarding experience. Ventura County has several rescues and shelters with organized kitten & cat foster systems that you can join, or you can do fostering independently.

    The Community Cats Charity will help get you started and help connect you to resources.

  • Relocating community cats requires full enclosure for about 4 weeks before the cat can be released in its new territory. The new owner must feed and care for the cat each day to create a bond and teach the cat where it can find fresh water and food every day. Kitty will reward you with chemical-free, automatic rodent control.

    Please note that relocation should be a last resort situation for adult feral cats. The process is very stressful for them and requires a lot of work to be successful.

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